How to Start Exchange

Start exchange , convert , trade , buy , sell your favorites e-wallet money with QuickUSD.Net also its easy and fast process. Currently we provide automatic exchange for only bkash , nagad to perfect money and we provide manual exchange for others e-wallet gateway. Normally our order process time 5-30 minutes [Working hours: 9 am - 11 pm +6.00 GMT]

Sometimes you need to verify your identity for exchange , we normally asked for documents over than 500 USD / month. we asked for selfie holding documents for best business dealing. New member can start exchange just using an email and phone number from signing up [Sing up link here]

Please wait 30 minutes, If you submitted any exchange if don't please submitting an exchange from the website. You can check the current exchange rate from the exchange tab. you can join our WhatsApp messenger for get update with an admin also you can submit a ticket.

We accept:

PayPal - ​Skrill Gambling - Neteller Gambling - Perfect Money - Web Money - Blue Bird - Payoneer - PyyPl - Bitcoin - ETH - LTC - USDT

How to exchange?

​Sign up from

​Go to Exchange Option

​Step 1:

​Choose USD to BDT if you sell your PayPal - Bitcoin - Perfectmoney - Skrill etc Doller. Choose BDT to USD if you buy Neteller Gambling - Blue Bird - Virtual Card - PM - WMZ, etc Doller. Write Amount in BDT for Buy Write Amount in USD for Sell & Click Exchange.


On the ​​Email Fill: Write this email you give us when you sign up.

​Write down your wallet email/ID for buying Doller/Crypto.

​Write down your Payment received account number for selling Doller/Crypto.

​and Click 'Next


​Review all information and click Confirm

​After Confirm' Collect Our Payment Number / Email / ID.

​Send USD/Crypto to Our Wallet If you Sell Doller/Crypto.

​Send BDT amount to Our Wallet if you Buy Doller/Crypto

​All Done! Write Transaction number on input box & submit.

​Wait 5-30 minutes to Confirmed your order. 

​Thank you.

​-Stay safe, Stay with QuickUSD Ltd